Mebius tape
     In December 9, 2003 a symbol of a special sign in the form of longitudinal cleaved Mebius tape was confirmed at the Academic Council of the K.Satpaev Kazakh National University.
    This figure is well - known from the extreme antiquity. Scythians and sacs of Asia as long ago painted animals "hypocrites" in one-sided leaf form. This picture having come to China, has got an abstract semblance as a geometrical leaf form. Then it came to Arabians, who had brought it to Europe. A German scientist Mebius mathematically described it.
    The logotype basis – a Mebius tape interpretation with longitudinal cleave in the middle was offered by a well - known architect, a KazNTU graduate – Saken Narynov. Besides, one yellow colour part of the tape embodies Asia, the second dark-blue one – Europe.
    The majors in which the scientific engineering specialists training is carried out for all spectrum of specialties are Descriptive Geometry and Theoretical Mechanics, one of the Main Geometrical figures which is the Mebius tape. Thus, the K.Satpaev Kazakh National Technical University embodies eternity of the universe and knowledge, Eurasian space unity, engineering education and technical science.
Visually it symbolizes a source (flame) of knowledge in a man's palm.


Flag of the Kazakh National Technical University after K.I.Satpaev
    Flag of the Kazakh National Technical University after K.I.Satpaev is one of proprietary mark equally with logo and hymn of University. University logo placed on the center of flag, and the two horizontal blue bars with the national ornament are along the length. The university flag has as its base the white color signifies the purity, faith in the future, improvement and development. Blue color of ornament is a symbol of general well- being, tranquility, peace and unity. The national ornament is reflected the university status.   


                                                                 Anthem of KazNTU

Words: Ulykpan Sydykov
Music: Murat Kusayynov, Dosym Suleev, Daniyar Kusayynov

Зерделі білім ордасы,
Елдің даңқын көкке асырған.
Жастар мен өнер-білім жол басы,
Алдымнан бақ боп ашылған.
     Кен ашып дархан даламнан,
     Сыр тартатын тылсым қашықтан.
     Маманбыз, ҚазҰТУ-дан нәр алған,
     Үмітпен алға асыққан.

ҚазҰТУ —ардағым,
Алаулаған арманым,
Қанаттанып өзіңнен,
Болашаққа самғадым.

Жалынды жас шағым,
Арайланған ақ таңым,
Құшағыңнан қуат ап,
Өмір жолын бастадым,
     Тамырын жайып жататын,
     Ізгілік нұр сәуле шашатын.
     Ғылымның даңғыл жолын ашатын,
     ҚазҰТУ мәңгі жасасын.