About the Military Department

    Among the tens sub departments and institutes, training the personnel with high education in Kazakh National Technical University, the special place is takes the military chair, giving the main speciality for every citizen of sovereign state – the speciality of defender of homeland.
  The Kazakh mining and smelting institute was founded in years, when threat of war in world was become harsh reality and therefore the training of military specialists in civil educational institutions was become extra actual in that period. 
  From the first day of founding the institute its students, tutors, employees were mastered the military in-service of main speciality. In 1940 with the purpose of supporting the higher level of training of military specialists in the institute was organized the sub department of military services.
   In the result of active military and patriotic works in prewar years in Kazakh mining and smelting institute were trained 355 reserve officers with high education, which for that period was very high progress.
   In Great Patriotic War year’s the sub department of military services of the institute was truly become the smithy in training of military personnel. So, in 1944 in the institute had trained 1499 military specialists.

They are:
- junior commanders – tankmen – 22
- junior commanders - submachine gunners – 84
- grenade launcher men – 302
- combats – 70
- radio operators – telegraphists – 116
- radio operators – 328
- fighters – skiers – 337
- sappers - polar explorer –50
- advanced shots -190

      In whole, during the years of existence the military sub department is trained more than 27 thousand reserve officers.  During the period, from 1946 to 1991 inclusive are turned out reserve officers of different military specialities – 21544. During the period, from 1992 to 2002 inclusive are turned out 4378 peoples. 
  In postwar years from 1952 the military chair was transferred in military chair of the institute. The first Head of the military chair was appointed a Major General Kasatkin Nicolay Stepanovich. From this time the sub department is proceed to training of reserve officers for artillery subdivision, from 1961 in military chair is additionally become to train the reserve officers for antitank subdivisions, and from 1971 – an officers for forces of anti-aircraft defence, and from 1978 – engineers on ground artillery.
 At present time a hundreds of graduates of military chair is the commanders of subdivisions of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and with honor are performed an assignment for them responsible tasks at fortifying the defence capability of our country. Thousand of students are mastered the difficult military speciality in military sub department and prepared to join the ranks of officer personnel of army of Kazakhstan, and as A.G.Sivitcky, K.T.Menayakov, V.D.Alekseev, V.D.Zaytcev, D.B.Zhaksybaev are joins the ranks of faculty of native military chair.  
  The very important task is set before the staff of military chair of Kazakh National Technical University in connection with the founding of sovereign country – the Republic of Kazakhstan and founding of own Armed forces.
  In the result of disintegration of SSSR has broken up a unique system of training the officer personnel for an Armed Force of country.   
       The reality was such, that the single High school, training officer personnel for artillery subdivisions, forces of Air defence and specialists of Rocket and artillery arming services of RK was a military chair of Kazakh National Technical University. 
  The new concern about qualitative training of future defenders of native land is making of decision about introduction of competitive reception of students to the military chair, which allows considerably improved the level of professional training.
  All these facts are filling a special meaning an activity of staff of military chair and in days of coming anniversary of university are permitted critically appreciates its works and planned the prospects of further development.
  In the sub department are leads the major works in learning and introduction of an official language. In accordance with Decree of the President of RK from 7th of February, 2001№ 550 “About the Government program of functioning and perfection of languages for 2001-2010 years” and Directions of Minister of Defence of RK from 17th of April 2001№5 “About an additional measures on organizing of learning of an official language in an Armed Forces of RK” are created the group and led the regular studies in learning of an official language, is began the working out of methodic documentation for leading of studies in an official language on military and tactical training.