Distance Education


     Distance learning is an educational process that is realized with information-communication technologies and which takes place between an instructor and a student regardless of their location and time when the classes are held.
     The educational process is coordinated using educational portal of KazNTU which has been created by the same university and has been integrated with Moodle system.
     All students who are registered at the Institute of Distance Education (IDE) have their own “private rooms,” have an access to all lectures and other course related materials, they also can submit their labs and assignments, receive their syllabuses, shape their own course load and lastly, they can have an access to helpful information, schedule of on-line lectures and exams.
     IDE also has a database of interactive digital educational resources which include video courses.
     The capabilities of “Webinar” can be amounted to the one of the full time student learning. Moreover, the private one-to-one communication with an instructor makes the IDE quite attractive.

    Thanks to the creative ideas of the rector, academician Zh.M. Adilov, in order to develop and promotion of of international cooperation and, in particular, for the promotion of distance education on a global level of K.I. Satpaev KazNTU from January 26, 2015 became a member of the Association GUIDE (Global Universities In Distance Education).