Eurochem choosing the best!

    Last week the JSC EuroChem’s CASE-IN CHAMP ended qualifying stages. The champ was organized by agrochemical company JSC Eurochem and Reliable successors Fund, number of participants - over 500 students. The best teams are expected to meet in Moscow, Feb 2017, where the organizers plan to hold the final.
    The Champ is aimed at the development of students' skills and knowledge needed for solving production problems relevant to JSC EuroChem. DGTD at the JSC Novomoskovsk Azot Alex Renzyaev said, “Eurochem company pays much attention not only to the employee development but it also seeks and encourages students interested in developing their professional skills and career. The Champ is a unique opportunity for students to show off."
    JSC Nevinnomyssk Azot HR manager Marina Melnikova said, “The Champ enables to see a competence level of future chemists and to evaluate their non-standard skills during critical design case-in reviews".
    Chief human resources officer at the Eurochem-Usolsky potash complex Daria Gubar said, “Participation in this Champ is each student’s victory and a chance to crank it up a notch. We are very glad to see that the number of Champ participants is growing every year."
    The Champ Qualification Rounds have been held in ten Russian universities and it was for the first time in three years when the Champ was joined by oversea participants - the Kazakh National Research Technical University after K.I.Satpaev.
    It is for the second year in a row that Champ has been carried out in two leagues - Mining and Fertilizers, developing for both cases-in based on JSC EuroChem materials. The participants were given 12 days to find the answer to each case-in.
    Mining League has developed cases in two directions: Open pit mining - a case-in for "Kok-John" and "Gimmelfarb” phosphate ore deposits, Zhambyl oblast, South Kazakhstan; and Underground mining - a case-in for the Gremyachinsky ore mining and processing works, Volgograd oblast. For the last 50 years this project is the first of this magnitude. Future miners have proposed methods and a deposit engineering of three potash fields at the Gremyachinskoye deposit - Ravninny, East- Gremyachinsky and Darganovsky.
    In accordance with the assignment for a Fertilizers League case-in, the participants have developed a set of measures to reduce ammonia production energy costs at the Novomoskovsk JSC Azot and prepared a feasibility study for all proposed cases-in in both directions.
    The expert commission on evaluation of students’ projects consisted of managers and specialists of the JSC Eurochem enterprises, they are: JSC Azot, JSC Nevinnomyssk Azot, LLP Eurochem - Usolsky potash complex, LLP Eurochem-Volgakaliy, JSC Kovdor GOK, LLP Eurochem-Belorechenskie fertilizers, LLP Eurochem-Karatau. Teams qualified for the final.

ЕвроХим выберет лучших из лучших!    Team "Diamond" - Alina Kozitskaya, Margarita Safonova, Anastasia Zubrilova. Shakhty Institute, Branch of the South Russian State Technical University after M.I.Platov
    "Participation in Eurochem’s CASE-IN CHAMP has given us a chance to demonstrate lessons learned and to get public speaking experience. The difficulties did not stop us, the eagerness to show our skills led us to victory. Our basic concern in the final is victory and we shall do our best to show our institution at its best!".


    Team "Investigators”-Boris Vlasov, Konstantin Slepenkov, Igor Khlopin, Eugeny Golovatsky. Apatity Branch of Murmansk State Technical University

    "Mostly cases-in attract us by their business end. The possibility to work and feel the production process, to apply skills and knowledge gained during studies is a very good experience. Of course, we are glad to be able to take part in Champ finals and try to honorably represent our university!".



ЕвроХим выберет из лучших!    Team "Miners" - Nikita Davydov, Alexander Bakhmatov, Julia Oparina, Vasily Netrebko. Perm National Research Polytechnic University





    Team "Amethyst" - Dmitry Artemov, Dmitry Ostapchuk, Igor Alexandrov,Sofia Lapatina.National University of Science and Technology MISIS




ЕвроХим выберет из лучших!    Team "D.D." - Ivan Veresov, Xenia Veresova, Julia Zamorkina, Maxim Kaziev. Saint Petersburg Mining University
    "Solving engineering cases-in is a creative and interesting work, which enables us to bring talent to light. We want to be of interest to our potential employer, the EuroChem company, to consolidate the lessons learned and get new competencies and expertise. We look forward to the final!"



    Team «Studyman» - Nurbol Nurgaziev, Daniyar Izbasarov, Alibek Baimagambetov, Erdos Abzhamiev. Mining institute, Kazakh National Technical Research University after K.I.Satpaev.
    "Our steady goal is victory, but this time we wanted not only to win, but also to get a job in EuroChem company. Defending a case-in project makes us extremely happy, induces adrenaline, gives a lot of positive emotions and lifelong memories and in Moscow we shall be standing up for our university with all our might!