Test access to publishing collections ELS Lan Publishing house

     Open test access from March 15, 2016 of one month to publishing collections of Electronic library system "LAN":
    - Engineering science
    - Chemistry
    Granted the link http://e.lanbook.com from any computer KazNRTU.
    ELS Publishing "LAN" – is resource that provides online access to full-text collections of books and scientific journals about 200 publishing houses.
    Access to ELS from any computer KazNRTU possible without prior registration.
    For remote access from a personal device (computer, tablet, smartphone) with access to the Internet, the user must create (register) your username and password in your account. For details, see the section "Help" of ELS: http://e.lanbook.com/help/
    If you have any questions please call: ext. tel 7331 (MMC, 260)

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