A new subject – new requirements

    Department of Social Sciences held a round table on the theme: "The experience and future of the discipline of Modern History of Kazakhstan in higher education" in 14.03.2017. Director of the Institute of History and Ethnology. Sh. Ualikhanova, a member of the correspondent of NAS RK, Doctor of History, Professor Khanceldy Abzhanov, scientists, teachers of prominent universities of Almaty, faculty members of the Department of Public Disciplines and 1st year students were invited to the round table.
    Set goals and objectives in the course "Modern History of Kazakhstan" for 2016-2017, as well as the difficulties and difficulties in mastering the first year of the students, which were carried out in the elimination of this complexity were discussed at the round table. Then the question was discussed: how to improve the quality of education in mastering this subject, and also how to interest students in this subject.
    The moderator of the round table was Professor Dosaly Salkynbek, who contributed to the quality of the round table, as well as discussing the most important issues and making his conclusions from each discussion. At the end of the roundtable, Dosaly Salkynbek urged the entire faculty to work on this issue more intensively and cohesively, which will lead to tremendous success, and most importantly will improve the quality of education. Decisions and discussions of the round table will be published in the mass media.