On March 15, lecturers of Social Sciences Dpt. MS Gaziza Abdieva and PhD Zhazira Kuanyshbaeva held a training seminar "Charismatic Personality in Politics" for the Turysov Geology Oil&Gas Institute students.
    The participants discussed key features of charismaticness and its influence on the formation of future specialists as successful personalities. Maral Muratbek, Daulet Toksanbaev, Anar Kairgeldy, Nartai Rabaev, Bakytzhan Yegdirbaev, Aigerim Zhaksygereev, Aidar Rakhashov, Aidos Baktygerei, Aidana Zhakyp, Shakhmardan Nasheken, Myrzakasym Bolat, who actively participated in the seminar, could by means of improvisation express the meaning of notion "Charismatic personality in politics" and the essence of the seminar in whole.