The department of vocational guidance, practice and employment


    The purpose of establishing the Department of career- guidance, Internship and Employment – the organization of the career guidance among the applicants, providing assistance to students and graduates of the University in planning for professional careers and in their employment.
    The Department offers students and graduates of higher educational establishments:

> registration with the database center Curriculum vitae
> access to information recourses of center Internship contract (form) , Announcements from employers
> participation in the presentation of the companies, participation in the competition for Employment in enterprises and organizations Cooperation with the companies
> participation in the competition for Internship from enterprises
Useful tips on how to build a successful career
Internship and training
> participation in the competition for Employment in enterprises and organizations page Employment at the
> direct contact with employers Fair of employments

The Department offers to enterprises, companies and organizations:

  • cooperation to the competitive selection of graduates for employment ( or students – to attend practical training);
  • posting of information about vacancies on a university website page Employment;
  • organization of presentations and the creation of an information package on the enterprise;
  • participation of KazNTU graduates in career fairs;
  • collection of forms from students in order to participate in the competition for an internship;
  • Participation in the Industrial Advisory Committee.

    For the organization of employment of graduates, students are welcome to post their resumes on the university website and fill out the application form for the student and the paper version handed over to the department of internship and employment (408 HK).
    Resumes and application forms of students will be kept at the Department and will be available only to employees of the Department. By availability of jobs posted by companies, these data will be provided to the employer. Also, these data can be provided to companies for selection for apprenticeship. Students, who specified their email address in resumes, will receive information about career opportunities in the companies, company presentations and selection of the internships.
    The employer has the opportunity to fill in the form "Application for Employer", allowing to analyze the quality of graduate training at KazNTU.
    All questions related to internships and employment can be addressed to Department (408 PB).

Vice-Director : 2-57-70-55,
Department of Internship and Employment:
work./fax: 2-92-79-88, e-mail: