Government scholarship program of Republic Korea (GKS program)

     Intended for foreign students, wishing to receive higher education or to continue their higher education in high schools of South Korea (BA, MA, PhD programs, students’ exchange, summer seminars \schools, courses of the English \Korean language, etc.).
     The given program like other South Korea scholarship programs provides grants to foreign students for studying in Korean high schools covering tuition fees up to 30-100% depending on grades.

     General info on studying in Korea
     Korean Government Scholarship info
- Apply for the scholarship program
- Select candidates (Overseas Korean embassies, universities)
- Come to Korea
- Korean Language Training
- Study the Degree program
- Graduate and obtain degree

Undergraduate course - age 25, as of March 1 applicable year
Postgraduate course - age 40, as of September 1, applicable year
Admission conditions:
- GPA over 80%
- TOPIC test (knowledge of Korean language), level 3-4
Registration on TOPIC tests see (02-3668-1331)

- Korean preparatory language,1 year
- 4 years (undergraduate)
- 2 years (postgraduate)
- 3 years (PhD)

     Applications to submit to the university after publication of official notice on the site. The university is authorised to select students for the given program.
     1.Government grants for 2-3-4 year self-financed students who study in Korea at own expense, 454$ per month.
     2.Government grants for short-term Training (11 days) for bachelor students from Asia, Africa, Central America (lectures, university tours, industrial facility tours, historic sites tour)
     3.4. Korean language online courses at the National institute of International education