History of the University

     In the formation and development of one of the oldest educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan can distinguish five basic steps:
          1934-1960 - Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute (KazMMI);
          1960-1994 - Kazakh Polytechnic Institute (KazPTI);
          From 1994 - Kazakh National Technical University (KazNTU) .
  In 1999, for meritorious service in the preparation of engineering and technical personnel of the country by the Government of the Republic Kazakhstan KazNTU was given the name of the eminent scientist, academician Kanysh Imantaevich Satpayev.
  On July 5, 2001 to University has been conferred the special status by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev.
   History of the Kazakh National Technical University after K.I. Satpayev – the leader of the engineering education of the Republic is inextricably linked with the history of our country, its culture and higher education system.
  In the 30 of XX century to solve the problems on Elimination of technical and economic backwardness of the national economy has emerged an urgent necessity for the development of higher technical education in the country.
  On October 20, 1933 by Resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR "On personnel training for Kazakhstan" was established the Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute (KazMMI) with two faculties: Mining and non-ferrous metals in a capital of Kazakhstan, Alma- Ata.
   On September 19, 1934 has rang out the first bell of the first academic year at Kazakh Mining and Metallurgical Institute.

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