Our Alumni

Creation history of the KazNTU Alumni Association 
    KazNTU Alumni Association began its formation since 2008 on Rector of KazNTU Zh.M.Adilov’s initiative for the purpose of establishing of multipartite long-term strong connections between the Kazakh National Technical University named after K.I.Satpayev Alumni Association and alumni.
The official registration of KazNTU Alumni Association is May, 2009.

Mission of the Kazakh National Technical University Alumni Association

     Association is called for support of the institutes and universities traditions, purposes and keeps its spirit and priorities, to render finance support of KazNTU for development and improvement of material base, raising the quality of education and solving of social problems. 

The tasks of Association
1. Creation and continuation of connections between Alumni after graduating of University;
2. Information support of Alumni about an activity of University, its programs, projects, events, news and etc.;
3. Supporting of Universities projects through the system of Association;
4. Promotion of outstanding achievements of University Alumni;
5. Strengthening of professional and cultural relations between University Alumni;
6. Monitoring of promotion and career growth;
7. Establishment and strengthening of business connections of AAKazNTU with companies and organizations where are successfully works the University Alumni;
8. Training a sense of pride for his University, his participation to one of the best technical universities of RK, to elite of society and technical intelligentsia in student’s surrounding.
The basic goals and objectives of Association are achieved by:
- Organization of student’s meeting with University Alumni, making progresses in various directions of professional and created activity;
- Internet registration of Association’s website, where you can find the friends from studies, to arrange the meetings, to publish the information about their company, announcements, to congratulate on classmate’s birthday, to discuss the general problems. Here you can find information about any registered alumni of KazNTU, and also to renew the information about himself;
- Publications in the press about KazNTU Alumni;
- Creation of book-facts, including in the line of histories of successful progress of career and professional growth of KazNTU Alumni;
- Making of database of alumni;
- Putting into operation of membership cards of Alumni Association with the list of privileges and advantages of AAKazNTU members;
- Organization of meetings of Alumni;
- Following and fixing the significant events in Alumni life;
- Registration and making of database of mass media with indirect and direct participation of KazNTU’s Alumni;
- Development of AAKazNTU and integration in world community through Alumni the foreign higher institutions with creative and business connections with KazNTU;

Source of property of AAKazNTU:
- Takings, optional contributions and donations from organizations and certain citizens in different forms;
- Takings, from charitable actions, auctions and other events holding by AAKazNTU;
- Financial Assistance in the form of grants, personal scholarships and sponsorship;
- Proceeds of permitted enterprising activity;
- Other means and takings are not prohibited by the existing legislation of RK.